Wednesday, February 14, 2018

 Fun times at our Valentine's Day Party!! Thank you to the room moms!!

 Learning and growing in our centers! We are graphing candy hearts and using them to make patterns! Pre-K is also playing listening BINGO, playing in the snow table, and learning how to make a trapezoid, rhombus, and triangle out of AngLegs. (see below)

Friday, February 2, 2018

 Happy Catholic Schools Week-2018!!  We got to watch the movie Rio!!
 The 100th Day of school!!! We celebrated by counting to 100 and pointing to the different parts of our body and making 100's day headbands!!

 Grandparents Day was a success!! Thank you to all the grandparents who were able to attend! We read a book about grandparents, drew pictures, and interviewed what it was like when they were our age!!

 Bingo with the big kids!!! Students paired up and helped each other recognize letters and number while enjoying a couple games of BINGO for Catholic Schools Week!